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BentSpoke Sprocket IPA Cans 4 x 375mL


A big and hoppy IPA with raw tropical fruit sniffs and tastes. Sprocket came in at #16 in GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers Poll for 2018

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BentSpoke Sprocket is a big and hoppy IPA with raw tropical fruit sniffs and tastes.

Sprocket came in at #16 in GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers Poll for 2018, and was the in the Top 10 new releases in the GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers Poll for 2017.

Canberrans know a thing or two about bending the rules. After all, we don’t make them, we leave that to the transients in the big house on the hill. Our forefathers selected Canberra as the site for the National Capital due in large part a critical ingredient in beer – a pristine water supply – and then quickly decreed prohibition on the territory. It didn’t take the locals long to bend that rule! We continue this proud tradition to this day, making the most of our gorgeous water, turning it into fine brews, themselves not afraid of bending the rules of how beer and cider should be made, all with an absolute commitment to full flavour, and exceptional quality.

Bentspoke recognises the need to protect the environment has worked hard to become a sustainable supplier. They depend on for the supply of brewery ingredients such as pristine water, fresh hops and grains. Bentspoke is proud to play their part by implementing and investigating innovative ways to reduce energy, water and waste such as:

Spent Grain to local farmersĀ  – All the grain from mash tuns goes to local farmers as feed for livestock. In return they receive produce from the farmers which is used in their brewpub’s kitchen
Heat exchanging – When chilling wort prior to pitching yeast, they capture the energy from the hot liquid to heat the water for the next batch resulting in approximately 1L of hot water for every 1L of beer produced.
Cans vs Bottles – The decision to choose cans over bottles for their packaged product was an easy one. With cans, not only does the beer arrive at you in the best possible condition, but the accumulated energy savings of recycling aluminium is 96% (compared to a mere 26.5% for glass), they are significantly lighter to transport, they chill down quicker, and they are far more friendly in the great outdoors both to pack in and out, and they won’t leave broken glass at your favourite river/beach/mountain.

ABV 7.0%

Bentspoke Brewing Co.
Canberra ACT Australia


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