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Ironbark Distillery Small Batch Wattleseed Gin 700mL


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Wattleseed Gin

Wattleseed brings a distinctly native Australian flavour to this smooth drinking gin. Whole roasted Wattleseed imparts notes of coffee and chocolate into the Wattleseed gin, perfect to sip straight on ice.

Tasting Notes

Enjoy cardamon, citrus and pepper on the nose, with a taste that’s soft and creamy on entry, following through to a lightly piney, juniper delivery with hints of white pepper, ending citrusy, refreshing and long. A crystal clear gin, that has aromas of cardamon, liquorice, pepper, coffee and chocolate, with juniper taking a back seat. Over time the citrus peel and light saffron notes begin to appear. Flavour is both soft and creamy in glass, rounded out by juniper, pepper and citrus with a long finish on the palette.

Finest Quality Ingredients – The Base for all our Gins
Juniper sourced from Macedonia, has a freshness that’s characteristic of pine. It evokes memories f lush, dense pine forests and has a forward note of both the London Dry Gin and Wattleseed Gin
Coriander seed is a woody forward scent that when cracked, releases a sweet peppery note that contrasts with the spicy otes the seeds impart into the gin
Green Cardamon seeds have an aroma not dissimilar to Juniper, fresh, spicy and sweet and easy to pick as the middle notes to the London Dry Gin and Wattleseed Gin
Wattleseed Whole roasted Wattleseed imparts notes of coffee and chocolate into the Wattleseed Gin, perfect to sip straight on ice
Madagascan Vanilla Pods have a sweet aroma and provide a rich Vanilla flavour, iparting a subtle sweetness to the gins
Organic Aussie Lemons are sourced locally straight from the tree. They provide the citrus backbone of the gin and pair perfectly with the rest of the botanical family to provide balance between sweetness and spice
Cascara is the sun dried outer skin of green coffee beans. Although derived from coffee beans they have no coffee scent, the aroma instead is of an earthy dried bark, with a flavour and sweetness of fresh dried sultanas and raisins. This is the dried fruit note imparted into the Cascara gin.
Native Strawberry (Olida Gum) has aromas of berries and Hibiscus and provides the sweet forward notes of the Cascara Gin. This comes through before the Juniper to create a more dried fruit forward gin, with the Juniper and spices coming throgh behind the sweetness.

ABV 40.0%

Distilled and Bottled in NSW Australia

Suggested Serve

Simple serve
30ml Ironbark Wattleseed Gin | Grapefruit soda.
Serve over ice and garnish with grapefruit slice.

Stir all ingredients in mixing glass with ice.  Strain and serve.  Garnish with orange twist.


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