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In 1890, Rossi’s son began to develop a recipe to create a new dry vermouth and that same year launched a new Martini with only 30g of sugar per litre. It took another 10 years before they finally unveiled Martini Extra Dry on New Year’s Day of 1900, fresh for the beginning of the new century.

Captured in every drop is the essence of the rare woods, herbs and citrus that make up this secret recipe. Barks and woods, macerated and distilled, are playing a major role in the aromatic balance of this vermouth. Fresh raspberry and lemon peel give a citrus zest to this style of vermouth.

Martini®: A true Italian icon, enjoyed the world over and known as the charismatic drink of the truly stylish
Martini® has been at the heart of excellence in Wine production for over 150 years, ever since being founded in 1863
Martini® Extra Dry Vermouth is crafted using hand-selected botanicals from across the world’s gardens
Martini & Rossi® Extra Dry Vermouth is bright, with a pale gold color and a delicate perfume.
Martini & Rossi® has been at the heart of excellence in Wine production for over 150 years, ever since being founded in 1863.

Martini® Extra Dry Vermouth captures the essence of dry vermouth through Florentine orris root. Wrestled from the ground after three long years of growth, then sun-dried and pressed, the root releases its unique violet-scented and tart aromatic oils, lending a recognisable taste to Martini® Extra Dry Vermouth. With its sharp citrus aromas and hint of raspberry, this is a classic of its kind and adds a playful flavour to a Martini cocktail

Aroma – Dry botanicals, clean fresh melon, apple, lemon and honey. Hints of raspberry leaf

Serving Suggestion – Martini® Extra Dry Vermouth is a versatile, dry vermouth, suitable for any occasion and perfect as an aperitivo accompaniment. The flavours can be savoured in classic vermouth cocktails, or simply enjoyed served with equal parts Martini® Extra Dry Vermouth, premium tonic water and ice

ABV 15.0%

Made and Bottled in Italy


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