Nudo Premium Non Alcoholic Gin Spirit 700mL


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This premium non alcoholic spirit is a true flavour explosion and will guarantee an apero-moment without any guilt! (or limit for that matter).

A complex palate of different sorts of spices, zests and flowers make sure this spice and citrus based non-alcoholic drink is worth your while!

It’s a real alternative to gin – NUDO is based on a real gin recipe. The best result to get a non alcoholic version of something is to start from the alcoholic one.
Our production method is a combination of maceration, extraction and cold press. No artificial flavourings or preservatives.
The water used in NUDO is filtered by reverse osmosis. It doesn’t get any purer than that!
No sugar added, so there is no reason NOT to drink NUDO!

This mixer can be used in lots of ways including these Mocktails below:


50ml NUDO
Top with 150ml tonic water
Garnish: lime wedge


Muddle 2-3 fresh ginger cuber in shaker
Add 30ml NUDO / 15ml lime juice / 15ml simple syrup / 1 dash bitter
Shake and double strain over ice cubes
Top with Ginger Ale
Garnish: fresh ginger or mint
Gently muddle 2 large barspoons cane sugar, half of diced lime, 10 fresh mint leaves
Add crushed ice
Add 60ml NUDO
Top with soda
Garnish: fresh mint


Shake 50ml NUDO, 30ml lemon juice, 25ml blueberry syrup and 1 bramble
Double strain over ice
Garnish: 2-3 brambles

ABV 0.00%



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