The Archibald Hotel History

Kurrajong Heights Hotel

Kurrajong Heights Hotel c. 1928, a sprawling and spacious timber building on sandstone foundations constructed to take full advantage of the panoramic view towards Sydney, courtesy of John Place.
An application was granted at Windsor Licensing Court on Monday for an extension of time for the transfer of the license of the historic Black Horse Hotel, Richmond, to the new hotel at Kurrajong Heights, owing to the fact that the latter building is not quite completed. The final hearing of the transfer was set down for June 1, when the Chairman of the Licensing Reduction Board will attend and preside over the matter.’
The hotel was destroyed by fire on the evening of the 14 April 1975. It was owned by Trevor Shelley and luckily no one was injured. There were only 4 people in the building at the time. Investigators failed to find the source of the fire.

Thanks to the Hawkesbury People & Places website for information on the history of the Archibald Hotel / Kurrajong Heights Hotel.